Google Summer of Code 2021 program

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I will explain in this post a brief summary of what is the Google Summer of Code (abreviated GSoC). In short, the GSoC 2021 program is a 10-weeks program by Google where students all around the world are paired with mentors and work as developpers for an open source organization.

The organization that I will be working for this summer is SageMath together with the mentor Vincent Delecroix. SageMath is a mathematical software that can perform multiple computing task and is very useful for a wide variety of students and researchers. I personally used a lot this software in the past during my study, so I am very enthusiastic of being a part of this for the summer 2021.

My main goal will be to implement a new feature into this software, which is the “ring of quasimodular forms”. A more precise description of my project can be found here.

The 10-weeks coding period of GSoC will begin in June 7. Hence, every two weeks during the program, I will document my journey here on my blog by explaining my work and sharing my ideas. Before this coding period, I will be in a preparatory phase where I will study the mathematical side of quasimodular forms and explain what is the current state of SageMath regarding modular forms.

If you read this blog and find any mistakes, or have any question, do not hesitate to contact me via email. My email address can be found below my picture at the left of this page.